Keepin’ it Arcadia

S4 #9 The History of Our City and Asian American Identity in Arcadia and America

April 18, 2021

With the recent influx of Asian-American hate crimes due to Covid-19, more people are turning their attention to the history of racism towards Asians throughout American History. In this podcast episode, we’ll look at the history of our city, as well as the history and experiences of Asian-Americans in Arcadia and America. 


First, we talk with Ms. Beverly Street about Arcadia’s early history and how it came to be the city we know today. Next, we spoke with Thai-Chinese American and AHS student Pailin Tan. She has been actively speaking about racism and mistreatment of Asians in America, so we discussed her experience growing up in San Gabriel Valley and America. Finally, we talked with three Japanese-Americans who were sent to Japanese Internment Camps as children (Mr. Ned Morioka, Mr. Akira, and Mrs. Hideko Sansui), who shared their experiences and perspectives growing up and living through this. 

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