Keepin’ it Arcadia

S4 #4 An Inside Look at Studying Abroad

March 5, 2021

With DCI's Spring 2021 interns finalized after a one-month probation period, the podcast team is proud to announce our newest members: Wesley Chen, Kylie Ha, Nicole Nie, Angela Ren, and Chloe Wong! They give a brief introduction of themselves, and some of their reasons for joining the DCI Podcast Team! 

In addition Wesley Chen and our new podcast co-manager, Joyce Pang, talk to Lauren Banuelos (AHS Alumnus, Class of 2021, but graduated early in 2020) and Travis Chen (DCI & AHS Alumnus, Class of 2017), respectively, to delve into their study-abroad experiences.

We apologize for the VERY long delay, and we hope you enjoy the mountain of content that is coming to this podcast!

0:00 - Introduction by Joyce Pang

0:40 - Chloe Wong

1:22 - Wesley Chen

1:53 - Nicole Nie

2:29 - Kylie Ha

3:01 - Angela Ren

3:45 - Interview with Lauren Banuelos

10:24 - Interview with Travis Chen

22:03 - Conclusion by Joyce Pang

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