Keepin’ it Arcadia

S4 #3 The AUSD News Writing Competition Winners!

December 7, 2020

In November, DCI's News Writing Team held a city-wide middle school competition to see who could write the best news article about "an instance of unity, strength, perseverance, and/or leadership taking place in your school, classroom, or AUSD community." After weeks of deliberating, the News Writing Team is proud to announce the winners on this special edition of Keepin' It Arcadia! Congratulations to the three middle schoolers that won, and we thank you all for bringing these heartwarming stories to light during these dark times.

0:00 Introduction: News Writing Team Leader Anvitha Marlapati and Competition Judge Claire Li

2:57 Winner Feature 1: Max Chang-Amayo

8:20 Winner Feature 2: Minhtam Nguyen

13:42 Winner Feature 3: Katelyn Liu

18:50 Concluding Commentary: Competition Judge Sofia Nagy

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