Keepin’ it Arcadia

S3 #15 Arcadia Online (and on TV)! (Pt. 2)

April 24, 2020

Despite the pandemic and the restrictions that quarantine brings onto Arcadia, our city is still making itself known, whether it be on national television or in the local community. (we bet that no one gets the AOL reference we put in). In this two-part special, we follow four individuals who have stepped up to the plate and broadcast Arcadia's talents out to the world.

For part two, we got to talk to Andrew Ritiau and Frank Suñez. Ritiau, the youth ministry pastor at Arcadia Community Church (ACC), aided the transition from in-person church services to online services, and along the way, he coordinated some of the most amazing displays of faith online that Keepin' It Arcadia has ever seen. In his interview, he describes how ACC made the jump to online platforms and how it has impacted Christianity in the community. Meanwhile, Suñez has been leading Arcadia High School's news crew--Apache News (APN)--as its advisor through the pandemic by coordinating the continued release of weekly newscasts, and even pulling off an online gaming tournament! He goes in-depth on how APN adjusted to the school closure in the wake of the current quarantine and APN's future plans.


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