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S3 #10 One Simple Trick to Get Politicians to Listen to You: A Recap of the California PTA Legislation Conference!

February 15, 2020

One month ago, 150 attendees marched up the steps of the California State Capitol and presented their legislators with an educational agenda that now means more than ever in our increasingly chaotic political climate. Those attendees were simply run-of-the-mill people from towns big and small e.g. parents, teachers, school district employees, PTA members, and even a few students. However, what this group of bold citizens did in the state capital is a truly inspiring story that our podcast team member and Arcadia PTA Student Representative Lawrence Sung got to witness firsthand. Join him as he pulls back the curtain on the California PTA Legislation Conference and why it is so important for you to fulfill YOUR civic responsibility as an American citizen!

Featuring: Arcadia Unified School District Board Member Cung Nguyen, Arcadia PTA Parent Representative Jennifer Ledesma, Riverside PTA Student Representative Spencer Young, California PTA Community Concerns Legislative Advocate Kathy Rabun, and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

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