Keepin’ it Arcadia

S2 #29 Journalism Advice, Science Olympiad, and Hands Only CPR Training (feat. Matthew Ormseth, Kevin Tan, and Chief Chen Suen)

May 26, 2019

This episode starts with Jeffrey Lee's interview with Mr. Matthew Ormseth, an Arcadia High School and Cornell University graduate who now works at the LA Times, on his experiences in journalism. Next, Jeffrey talks to Kevin Tan, (our Harvard-bound valedictorian) and also the captain of Arcadia High School’s Science Olympiad, on what the team is all about. Last but not least, we have an interview with Chief Chen Suen, a Battalion Chief at the Arcadia Fire Department, on the upcoming Hands-Only CPR training sessions for the freshmen of Arcadia High School!


Journalism Advice with Matthew Ormseth: 1:03

Science Olympiad with Kevin Tan: 16:06

Hands-Only CPR Training with Chief Chen Suen: 25:23

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