Keepin’ it Arcadia

S2 #24 Incredible Math Circles Tutoring Program, History of Hawaii, and Gatsby Day Recap!

April 13, 2019

Let’s begin with an interview with the absolutely brilliant Aditee Prabhutendolkar and her Math Circles tutoring program, as well as how you can get the help you need to clutch that grade! Next, we have our history guy Lawrence Sung dramatically going over the interesting history of Hawaii, and last but not least, we have a recap of one of the most mysterious events to happen to juniors during junior year: Gatsby Day.


Math Circles with Aditee: 0:34

History of Hawaii: 3:57

Gatsby Day Recap with Elisha and Sage: 9:32

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Words of wisdom from Aditee: “Don’t be afraid of the potential challenges. Get to solving the problem; no one else will solve it for you.”

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