Keepin’ it Arcadia

S2 #23 Les Miserables and Theatre with Brady Stubbs, Rundown of Current Democratic Candidates, and Metal Straws!

March 24, 2019

Today host Jeffrey Lee has an interview with Brady Stubbs, who played Jean Valjean in the most recent Arcadia High School Advanced Theater production: Les Miserables, on his take of his role, and of theatre in general. Next, we’ll be getting a bit political with Jarett Yip, our local political analyst, who will be giving us a rundown of the Democratic candidates running for President so far. Last but not least, podcast team member Christina Yao will be giving her take on the hype around metal straws!


Interview with Brady: 0:51

Presidential Candidates with Jarett: 10:17

Metal Straws with Christina: 13:05

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