Keepin’ it Arcadia

S4 # 8 Behind the Scenes of the Return to School

April 3, 2021

With the Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD) transitioning to a hybrid school model, we took time to talk to a few members of the community--principals, teachers, and students--to understand the behind-the-scenes process of our reopening process. 


First up, Arcadia High School’s principal, Ms. Dillman, discusses some of the factors behind the reopening process while also answering some questions about the school reopenings. Another AUSD principal, Mrs. Mattera, introduces the procedures that the elementary schools will follow, giving an inside scoop on the Highland Oaks hybrid model. Along with the school administration, current Arcadia High senior Conner Hua highlights the student viewpoint and how their opinions have impacted the school’s reopening process. Next, Mr. Vo, an AP Biology and Environmental Science teacher at Arcadia High, shares his perspective on the transition, shedding light on how the changes have impacted teachers. Finally, Apache News member Ethan Tran recaps APN’s return to in-person filming.


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